We work with clients to design, develop, and manufacture high design products for home and lifestyle.


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For the past 25 years,

We have introduced versatile and quality home décor and gifting products to the market, as a trusted partner to some of North America's largest retail chains.


Constantly in tune with consumer trends and market movements, our product lines include, but are not limited to:


Inflatable furniture

Innovative solutions for outdoor, campus or home, inflatable furniture perfectly fit today's modern lifestyle and sensibilities. Choose from a variety of finishes and shapes, from ottomans, armchairs to full length couches. 

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Dressing up the holidays in style, the options are endless with our line of festive and larger-than-life seasonal decorations.


Faux Florals

Exquisite faux flowers and plants, crafted in silk and hand-painted for a unbelievably real look and feel that last a lifetime.



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